Locking down intellectual property in embedded systems to prevent algorithm theft, cloning and data leaks.

Protect your Software IP

Avoid reputational and financial loss caused by cyber crime. Device security is vital from the design to decommissioning when companies are looking to protect their intellectual property.

At Cryptera we help you with a product life cycle approach for your connected device to protect your firmware and IP during development, manufacturing, operation, updates and decommissioning. We have all the tools and knowledge to help you prevent algorithm theft, cloning and data leaks.

Build a Secure Foundation for your Connected Devices

Cryptera helps you build a security foundation that enables you to protect your connected devices through their life time. In order to do this we make use of our vast expertise by offering a platform that delivers.

  • Secure Device Onboarding
  • Secure Boot Loaders
  • Protected Updates
  • Unique identity
  • Cryptographic Key
  • Provisioning and Management
  • Certificate Provisioning and Management


  • Trusted device identity and secure foundation
  • Secure provisioning client deploys to any manufacturing facility and process flow
  • Secure boot loaders
  • Protect against malware injection, code replacement, cloning and software IP theft
  • Secure logging and protection of ‘over production’
  • Protected updates
  • No expiring credentials and configuration
  • Security levels aligned with key standards (e.g. IEC 62443-4-2)

Your EMROSecure IP Protection Journey