The increasing use of touchscreens as the main user interface in unattended transactions has created a need to secure sensitive information entered on the screen. CryptoTouch enables secure PIN entry on a touch screen through standard and customized PCI-approved solutions.

CryptoTouch contains an Encrypted Touch Controller and a Secure Touch panel specially designed to meet PCI requirements.

It is a secure PIN entry solution for integration with touch screens from 5 – 27”.

For ATM solution providers the SW system interface is through the well-known XFS standard. Cryptera has been part of developing some of the first ATMs with PIN entry on screen that are used today by Diebold Nixdorf – the ATM industry leader. Unattended is configured to allow PIN entry in kiosks, and it can link with a Secure Card Reader to allow support for EMV Offline PIN verification.

The CryptoTouch Encrypting Touch Controller (ETC) is a touchscreen PIN pad designed for integration in ATMs and kiosks. It enables presentations of vivid software interfaces on large LCD color screens while providing the same security as traditional Cryptera tactile PIN pads.

The CryptoTouch secures customer PIN input from the touchscreen through a combination of logical and physical security measures that are PCI-approved. Cryptera CryptoTouch knowhow minimizes common issues when designing touchscreen PIN pads.