Welcome to Cryptera: Your Trusted Partner in Payment Solutions and IoT Security

At Cryptera, we have a rich history of developing and manufacturing OEM security solutions for the global Payment Industry. Over the decades, we have earned our reputation as a reliable partner, dedicated to provide secure payment solutions. Today, we’re not just continuing this legacy, but also expanding our horizons to meet the growing demand for security solutions in the Industrial IoT sector.

Our journey is driven by a commitment to security, cryptology, and certifications, and we leverage this expertise to address the unique challenges of both our strategic business streams. We understand that these two worlds share common threads, and our deep-rooted experience allows us to navigate them seamlessly.

Our strong track record of long-term partnerships with global customers is a testament to our dedication. We always put our customers first, assembling flexible, competent teams to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for innovative payment solutions or robust IoT security, Cryptera is here to serve you.

One of our key strengths is our fully flexible in-house value chain, complemented by our own PCI certified Secure Facility for key injection and CA Service. This means you can expect short lead times and exceptional delivery performance when you choose Cryptera.

We also take pride in our company culture, where we foster respect and care among colleagues. We firmly believe that professional and personal relationships are the foundation of a strong culture, contributing to a positive work environment where innovation thrives.

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, where payment solutions and IoT security intersect, Cryptera is your trusted partner. Whether you’re a new team member or a valued customer, we extend a warm welcome to Cryptera.

Join us on our mission of securing payments and IoT devices for a brighter, safer future.


Warm regards,

Brian Schleisner

CEO, Cryptera

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About Cryptera

Cryptera is a market leader in security and payment technology with over three decades of expertise. Our core competencies lie in encryption, certification, and secure provisioning services.

As a trusted partner, we specialize in delivering uncompromising security within OEM payment solutions and security for IoT devices for a diverse range of international markets.

Our comprehensive security platform, encompassing both hardware and software, along with our array of services, is dedicated to safeguarding sensitive information through the application of cutting-edge cryptographic techniques and certified secure processes.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, our team is comprised of innovative, dedicated, and highly skilled professionals, all working collaboratively to drive our future success.

Our Values


We maintain focus When stakes are high, the ability to maintain focus is critical and for us, it is a crucial pillar of our company.


We have a professional approach – As an international company, we serve various industries and cooperate with multiple cultures and nationalities. As such, a professional approach is of vital importance.


We are felxible for you – Not one solution fits all, so we can tailor our solutions to fit your needs.


We believe the best work is teamwork – Together with our customers, partners, and teams, we will succeed.


We ensure high credibility – Having ensured our customers the highest security certification for over 30 years, it is our highest priority.

Our Mission & Vision

In a world where data and rapidly evolving technology go hand-in-hand, our vision is to deliver maximum security to protect sensitive data. Based on this vision, we believe it is our mission to be your trusted partner in sensitive data protection.

Love what we’re doing?

Join our team to be part of a company that’s powering greater security in our digitalized world.