Key Injection

Reduce time-to-market and save the vast expenses of establishing infrastructure and procedures for compliant key injections with Cryptera’s flexible solution.

PCI PIN Compliant DUKPT key injection is a real challenge. You need to invest in establishing a secure room, have the necessary organization and documentation including expert knowledge, and have regular PCI Audits. With PCI Key Injection from Cryptera, you can leave the hardened security to us and reduce time-to-market with Cryptera’s key loading services.

PCI Key Injection is a secure provisioning system that enables secure, authenticated and authorized injection of DUKPT keys and other sensitive data into your devices. It enables you to perform DUKPT key injection at locations of your choice using a secure provisioning client from Cryptera.


The secure provisioning client offers a complete PCI PIN compliant key loading setup which handles the distribution and programming of DUKPT keys and device configuration data. Additionally, as an integrated part of the key injection, your device can be provisioned with a PKI certificate from a private or public certificate authority.

The solution comes with an intuitive interface allowing for any operators to handle the key injection process. All sensitive data is kept secret with encryption and only injected when two approved operators are logged in with two-factor authentication.


PCI Key Injection works by connecting to Cryptera’s PCI compliant secure room, which has approved HSMs and servers, at Cryptera’s premises. Key management by Cryptera is centralized at Cryptera to ensure secure storage, backup and exchange of keys.