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We Empower You to Prioritize Security from the Inception

At Cryptera, we specialize in fortifying your IoT devices with uncompromising security measures right from the outset. Our services seamlessly integrate into your existing production processes, allowing you to establish a robust security foundation effortlessly.

With an extensive background in embedded security and a deep understanding of the highly regulated payments industry, we provide the essential groundwork for you to have unwavering confidence in your devices. Whether you need to seamlessly integrate them with your systems or the cloud or ensure their security throughout their lifecycle, we’ve got you covered.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive protection for your intellectual property housed within edge devices and guard against the risks of overproduction. Trust Cryptera to help you build, safeguard, and optimize your IoT devices with unmatched expertise and precision.

Cryptera´s Device Security Suite

Cryptera leverages three decades of expertise in security solutions to fortify the realm of IoT device manufacturing

As a prominent player in IoT security, Cryptera plays a pivotal role in safeguarding connected devices throughout their entire lifecycle.

In the ever-evolving landscape of IoT, the importance of robust security measures cannot be overstated. Cryptera rises to this challenge by offering a comprehensive suite of products and services specifically crafted to shield IoT ecosystems from emerging cyber threats.

With a solid foundation rooted in the financial security sector spanning over 30 years, Cryptera has earned a strong reputation for its ability in integrating security seamlessly into systems. Our team of experts specializes in IoT security, cryptography, and the implementation of cybersecurity best practices.

Cryptera’s Device Security portfolio is designed to provide tailored security solutions for IoT environments. Our encryption protocols safeguard data both at rest and during operation, while our Secure Key Management system ensures the secure distribution of digital keys. Secure boot and firmware updates are also integral components, offering a secure means of device booting and firmware signing to guarantee the integrity of IoT devices.

The global IoT market is experiencing exponential growth, with billions of connected devices spanning diverse industries. As IoT adoption continues to accelerate, the demand for resilient security solutions will only intensify.

Our unwavering commitment is to shape the future of IoT security by delivering innovative, scalable, and dependable solutions. With our dedication to security and unparalleled industry expertise, Cryptera stands as a trusted partner in safeguarding the IoT landscape.

Enhancing IoT Security with Robust Industry Standards

In today’s digital landscape, both consumer and industrial IoT devices have become prime targets for cyber threats. Consequently, the importance of bolstering security standards in the realm of IoT has grown significantly.

Notably, key prerequisites outlined in industry standards such as IEC 62443-4-2, ETSI EN 303 645, NIS2 and the Cyber Resilience Act encompasses:

  1. Establishment of Unique Device Identities and Credentials
  2. Implementation of Secure Updates
  3. Adherence to Best Practices in Cryptography

At Cryptera, we excel in not only comprehending these vital security requirements but also in seamlessly guiding you through the entire journey, from initial requirement assessment to implementation, manufacturing, and the seamless onboarding of your devices onto an operational platform.

With our expertise, you can rest assured that your IoT ecosystem is fortified against potential cyber threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of your connected devices.

Device Security Solutions

Key Management Solution for secure key storage and back up.

Secure automated code signing and key storage as a service for your embedded devices. 

Cryptera’s Device Certificate solution is providing encryption, integrity and authentication for device-to-cloud communications.

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