EMROSecure Device onboarding is an all-in-one solution for provisioning and onboarding any chip to any cloud without compromising on security, flexibility and scalability

A Secure and Scalable Device Onboarding Setup

Our solution provides a simple, flexible and secure way for connected devices to connect to their device management system.

Simple means shorter device setup time with less possibility for human error.

Flexibility means full flexibility in software and data configuration at any point in the supply chain.

The product achieves this by creating a strong identity and security on the device through the integration of our device security firmware and the use of infrastructure components for onboarding and factory

Maximize the Cloud Compatibility of your OEM Product

Secure device onboarding from Cryptera enables zero-touch onboarding at scale, based on strong industry standards – FIDO Device Onboard (FDO). The solution also supports late binding, meaning that you can support any cloud or server setup that your product will need to connect to.

Using our device security firmware any customer specific device keys, code and configurations are downloaded and registered securely after your device is sold, when it’s turned on the first time. This means you can configure your device and choose what backend your device will be using, at any point in the supply chain.

With this flexibility you get secure generic devices in the supply chain that are easier to handle in manufacturing and in distribution.


  • Trusted device identity and secure foundation
  • Protect your device in supply chain
  • Integrates to any manufacturing facility process flow
  • Multiple cloud device management compability
  • No expiring credentials and configuration
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Aligns with IEC 62443-4-1/4-2 and ETSI EN 303 645

Minimize the Attack Surface of your Device at Delivery

Delivering a fully configured embedded device from factory loaded with software (e.g. open source) that might end up containing several public vulnerabilities after the device has been on the shelf for a while as a big risk.

The proposed EU Cyber Resilience Act in fact is proposing to mandate that digital products do not contain vulnerabilities upon delivery and that the are secure by default

When integrating our device security firmware and device identity in the factory you are able to limit the firmware and software on the device to these secure components.

This minimizes the attack surface and lowers the risk of vulnerabilities in your device at delivery considerably. Furthermore, secure by default configuration can by updated up until the device is turned on the first time.