Avoid the risk of ransomware affecting your private keys.

Crypteras´ Firmware Signing Solution is removing manual processes and offering a seamless secure key backup.


In today’s interconnected world, millions of connected devices are compromised each year and prone to attack, often due to inadequate security measures. Cryptera offers a robust firmware signing solution designed to mitigate the risk of device compromise by safeguarding critical signing keys. This solution protects your brand reputation, by ensuring authenticity and integrity of your code, hereby shielding your devices from malicious threats.

Cryptera’s Firmware Signing solution guarantees your firmware to be authentic and untampered. With this proactive approach, you can leave the hardened security to us and reduce time-to-market with our software as a service solution.

Firmware Signing by Cryptera is built upon more than 30 years of experience in developing secure connected devices and cryptographic key management, primarily in the highly regulated payment industry. Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing applications for user authorization and software building. This means you can sign firmware without worrying about the complexity of key security and backup.

Firmware Signing at your Service

EMROSecure Firmware Signing is designed to streamline the entire process by protecting your devices, with minimal effort on your part.

Instead of navigating the complex landscape of firmware signing on your own, Cryptera offers a streamlined Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It helps your organization to follow best practice for security and facilitate compliance with leading standards such as IEC 62443 and ETSI EN 303 645. Security for connected devices is also required in the coming EU Cyber Resilience Act, which companies needs to prepare for now.

Leveraging our strong security foundation, we have built a solution to provide peace of mind. This way, users can easily create an end-to-end firmware signing solution, providing seamless secure managed key backup and broad processor support.

We help you limit the manual processes to an absolute minimum, allowing you to focus on your key competencies. Let us be your trusted security partner, empowering you to thrive in the digital age without compromising on security.



  • Managed key backup
  • Ensure compliance with leading standards for connected devices
  • Limit manual processes to an absolute minimum
  • Centralized secure logging
  • Authentication, access control and key policies
  • Audited secure facility


  • Signing server at Cryptera secure facility
  • Easy to use with simple APIs
  • FIPS 140-2 certified HSM storage
  • Simple system integration—integrates easily with your embedded platform
  • DevOps support
  • Supports a broad variety of microprocessors


  • Aligns with IEC 62443-4-1/4-2 and ETSI EN 303 645
  • Advice on upcoming EU legislation (CRA & RED)