PONE Biometrics enters strategic collaboration with Cryptera for secure provisioning of OFFPAD

Cryptera A/S a leading supplier of security solutions and PONE Biometrics a Norwegian cyber tech company has entered a strategic collaboration where Cryptera is to offer secure key injection and certificates to ensure the OFFPAD with the best defence against cyberattacks. 

PONE Biometrics’s next generation smart device “OFFPAD” is usable across FIDO2-certified IAM (Identity and Access Management) platforms leveraging fingerprint sensor technology from IDEX Biometrics. The product will bring a high-performance authentication solution to market. OFFPAD is optimized for logical access, targeting highly sensitive security applications within the Enterprise, Public Sector, Healthcare and Defence Industries.

Jan-Erik Skaug, CEO of PONE Biometrics, commented, “The unique nature of fingerprints makes them the ideal biometric solution for strong authentication without compromising ease of use and convenience. Our collaboration with Cryptera ensures that OFFPAD is built on Root-of-Trust principles without compromising security. PONE’s next generation OFFPAD solution, is set to launch in the second quarter of 2023. Our close collaboration with Cryptera has been critical to fulfil this accelerated release.”

Cryptera have extended their Secure Provisioning System (SPS) to support key loading in Secure Elements (SE) based on the GlobalPlatform framework. Keys are stored and derived in the SPS Server and transferred securely to the SPS Client installed in the distributed production facility where OFFPADs are manufactured.

Brian Schleisner, CEO of Cryptera, stated, “PONE Biometrics is offering an innovative biometric card to address a significant and immediate market need: High security authentication that is easy to use and easy to deploy. We are
excited about this partnership with PONE Biometrics and to experience that our security platform can contribute to enhanced security in the OFFPAD product.”


About Cryptera A/S

Cryptera is a Danish Security & Payment Technology company with unique competences within the field of encryption, certification, and secure provisioning services. Cryptera provides maximum security in OEM payment solutions and Industrial IoT devices for a broad range of international customers. 

For more information, visit: www.cryptera.com


About Pone Biomtetrics AS

PONE is a strong Norwegian-based cyber tech company offering the OFFPAD, the best biometric defence against cyberattacks​ and a game changer in end-point security. Developed by leading European crypto experts​, the OFFPAD enables strong passwordless authentication (FIDO 2) and easy to use phishing resistant security, designed to protect employees wherever they are and from any device.

For more information, visit www.ponebiometrics.com


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