IoT CryptoGuard is a solution that helps secure the foundation for Embedded IoT

When running complex software and processing sensitive data in your IoT devices, security needs to be integrated from the start.

To avoid putting your infrastructure, intellectual property, and devices at risk you need to ensure that legitimate software is running on your device, and you most likely want to protect the confidentiality of the data, firmware and data models deployed to your devices.

IoT CryptoGuard by Cryptera provides you with the security foundation you need to securely boot and update your embedded Linux devices – and we make it easy for you to use.

Build Embedded Linux Devices that You Can Trust

Cryptera helps you build a security foundation for your embedded Linux devices. That enables you to trust them through their life time. With integrations to different microprocessors, and a great interface towards Linux, we give embedded Linux the security base it needs for you to trust it.

The security built in benefits and protects the devices from production, to operation and updates, through to decommissioning. In order to do this we make use of our extensive knowledge and experience from the payments industry by offering a platform that delivers.

  • Secure Provisioning
  • Secure Boot Loaders
  • Secure Updates
  • Unique identity
  • Cryptographic Key Provisioning and Management
  • Certificate Provisioning and Management

Harness the Security of your Low Layer software

Our solution exposes easy to use, simple APIs for you to use when you are setting up your embedded Linux. There’s enough for you to worry about at that layer, let us deal with the lower layers and how to update your devices.

By combining our knowledge with great open source building blocks we abstract away your pains in dealing with the security layers at the lowest levels of your device.

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Secure Your Devices in Production

A major obstacle to introducing secure boot and other security measures, which need to be established at the chip level, is getting an operational setup that lets you secure your devices when they are being produced.

At Cryptera we have designed a secure provisioning system that makes this easy for you. It even enables you to obtain a secure remote setup, e.g. at your contract manufacturer.

Securely adding encryption keys and certificates to your devices during production is a challenge itself, managing those keys going forward can be even more of a pain. At Cryptera, we help you do both.

Other IoT products

Cryptera’s Secure Provisioning System injects cryptographic keys and certificates securely in your devices during production. It also guards against illicit over-production of genuine devices, which could then otherwise be sold on the grey market.

The security introduced extends to guarding against malicious cyber and physical attacks to steal data in transit from the devices during operation.

Through years of experience we have built a foundation of secure services and a secure facility that make up our security platform. This not only enables us to securely and easily provision our own payments products, it also enables us to provide remote provisioning setups. 

This means that you can leverage our security platform in your own production setup, even in the case of an outsourced production environment.

Shield your device from attacks now

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