IoT CryptoKeys is a unique combination of tools to ensure Secure Provisioning and Key Management within IoT

In order to exploit the strength of modern encryption algorithms, keeping the key secure is mandatory. In fact there are no practical way of breaking modern cryptography as long as the key is secure!

At Cryptera we have 35 years of experience in managing and deploying cryptographic keys for real-world use. We help you securely personalize and provision your devices in a production setup of your choice, and help you manage the keys afterwards.

Securely Create and Protect Your Keys

When building secure applications you need to mind your cryptographic keys.

Scripts and hard-coded keys running on a developer machine may be enough to show you that the product works, when you are building the product, but going in to production and forward you need strong keys that are protected during creation and stored correctly. Otherwise, critical functionality such as updating your devices or for identifying your devices might end up compromising your solution.

Using Cryptera’s Secure Provisioning System allows you to create and inject keys securely in your devices in production setup of your choice and we can help you manage your keys securely going forward.

A Secure and Flexible Production Setup

Using Cryptera’s Secure Provisioning System (SPS), you can create and inject keys securely in your devices in production setup of your choice and we can help you manage your keys going forward.

Cryptera SPS lets you leverage the security of Cryptera’s Visa Certified Secure Facility. This way you can protect the cryptographic keys initialized in your product during production, and you can monitor and protect against overproduction of your devices even when outsourcing your production to a contract manufacturer.

Device Personalization Secured

In 2018 OWASP put together the latest “top ten things to avoid when building, deploying, or managing IoT systems”. The number #1 thing to avoid on this list is “Weak, Guessable, or Hardcoded Passwords”.

Cryptera provides you with a flexible setup that lets you personalize your devices and set cryptographic keys for your devices helping you avoid exactly this issue.

Secure Private PKI Deployment for Your IoT Devices

Private (or managed) PKI is a powerful concept for managing your IoT devices. However, developers are often left with a key management problem after deploying their infrastructure. How do you handle your Private CA keys?

At Cryptera we can help you issue device certificates during production using our Private PKI setup with CA private keys stored in an HSM (Hardware Security Module) with a certificate chain chosen by you. The HSM is placed in our Visa approved secure facility which is regulated, so you can rest assured that the critical CA private keys are not exposed.    

Secure your IoT communications using Payment Industry Grade Security

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is great (believe us, we use it a lot), but it’s not necessarily suitable for all solutions. Low power devices or sensors often don’t have the luxury of being able to run TLS to make secure connections. Through years of experience from the payment industry we know of several secure alternatives that work well for low power devices and are easy to deploy in a closed IoT ecosystem. 

Contact us to help you secure your IoT communications.

Other IoT products

Devices running at the edge of the network are becoming increasingly powerful. This enables real time applications such as high-speed video encoding and decoding, and AI and Machine Learning algorithms based on data models deployed at the edge.

With increased power at the edge comes also more data and assets to protect. We help you secure your edge devices by creating a strong security foundation for your embedded Linux devices

Through years of experience we have built a foundation of secure services and a secure facility that make up our security platform. This not only enables us to securely and easily provision our own payments products, it also enables us to provide remote provisioning setups. 

This means that you can leverage our security platform in your own production setup, even in the case of an outsourced production environment.

Shield your device from attacks now

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