Danish companies enter into a partnership for the development of IoT Security

The security company, Cryptera, and the electronics manufacturer, Micro Technic, have entered into a partnership that combines Cryptera’s IoT security solution with Micro Technics IoT devices and their Cloud-based platform for distributing IoT security.

The solution is based on Cryptera’s many years of knowledge and technology in the development and certification of Security Solutions for the global payment market. By establishing a security layer at the chip level of a given IoT device, one can, through the use of certificates and encryption, establish a “Root of Trust” in the given IoT device. When you combine this security with Micro Technics IoT devices, which are supported by a Cloud-based IoT platform, manufacturers can achieve a level of security that is similar to what is used for financial transactions and payment terminals. At the same time, you can ensure IP protection, communication, and continuous SW updates of the device over its life cycle.

“We see the solution and the partnership with Micro Technic as very attractive in terms of addressing the growing demand for security solutions for the Industrial IoT market. We know that security, in general, is a barrier for many companies, with their further implementation of IoT solutions. Data security is a major focus area for many companies and many are concerned about the level of security in their solutions, but also 3rd party IoT devices, that are connected to the company’s network. When you combine our security technology and experience with Micro Technics’ access to the market, we offer a solution that addresses many of the challenges companies face when working to integrate security,” says Cryptera’s CEO Brian Schleisner.

“It is evident that the rapidly growing number of IoT solutions in industrial applications has created a lot of sensitive data. With Cryptera’s security solution, we want to ensure that the customer’s data is not compromised. We manufacture many applications that run on IoT devices, wherewith this solution we will be able to secure IP rights and protect the application against hostile data attacks. It is unique, and we can now secure our customers’ IP at a completely different level of security,” says Frank Max Laursen, CEO of Micro Technic.

“Micro Technic is proud of our partnership with Cryptera. In addition to a market-leading partner within IoT security, we now have a partner where we in the future will develop many interesting projects together. Our customers will benefit from an exceptional IoT security solution supported by a user-friendly IoT platform – and we can deliver it today,” adds Frank Max Laursen.