Finding the key to digital transformation

Among the many challenges in transforming a company’s products and processes, there are in a digital transformation, security is most often the element that people tend to focus on last. Rather peculiar because, without it, your entire digital transformation becomes a greater risk than benefit for your company

Industrial enterprises have been early adopters and seen the positive opportunities that IoT can bring through improved efficiency, from the optimization of production processes to reducing CO2 emissions.

The use of IoT has become part of our everyday life by tracking your latest online purchase to your door to preheating the oven straight from your smartphone. The enabling of new services across industries has resulted in massive connectivity to allow all the devices to connect with each other. As the AI is interpreting all this data to make all of this happen, there is a large need for security. As many of these are sensitive data, it is crucial that the AI is protected before it is safe to enable the IoT devices to take over high-security roles.
According to David Maidment, Director of Secure Device Ecosystem at Arm, a co-founder of PSA Certified, markets grow based on confidence and if there is the belief that the device network is exposed to attacks then either the Return On Investment (ROI) will not work or investment in the market will never occur. 

So, to quote David Maidment “Securing a network of devices is not optional, but how do you know that the security is ‘good enough’?”.

This is indeed also where a lot of companies find themselves lost. As many look to cybersecurity as only a matter of software, we believe that to truly create a dependable Root Of Trust (ROT), there is a need for hardware at the very beginning of the design of an IoT device. The purpose is not just to protect the data on the devices but to protect the intellectual property that it contains. This is not just important to have security at the beginning stage of your IoT device but the security that extends all the way to the device end-of-life.

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