Cryptera A/S is expanding its investor base

Cryptera A/S is expanding its investor base to support an ambitious growth strategy within security solutions for the IoT and payments markets.

Chrispa ApS joins Cryptera A/S as a minority shareholder and active co-owner.

Cryptera was established in 1985 and employs 50 people with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the spring of 2020, Cryptera launched a new ambitious growth strategy in connection with the Management and Chairman of the Board, Nils Smith, buying the company. The goal was to deliver “Maximum Security in a Connected World” with a focus on existing and newly developed products for the international Payment Industry as well as the launch of innovative and robust security solutions for the Industrial IoT Market.

By using Cryptera’s strong foundation built over more than 35 years in security solutions for the Payment Industry, Cryptera has succeeded in launching a number of unique solutions for the protection and production of IoT devices. Cryptera’s solution establishes security at the chip level and at the same time offers customers a secure process for the production and operation of IoT products. The solutions address a number of customers’ critical security challenges within firmware/IP protection as well as issuing certificates and managing encryption keys.

“Over the past 18 months, we have worked intensively to create the right framework to be able to further develop and support a very strong palette of security solutions that can effectively solve the challenges and establish security in an increasingly digitalized world. The addition of capital and competencies from Chrispa and a really good commitment from the Danish Innovation Fund now gives us the opportunity to execute our strategy even faster”, says investor and Chairman of the Board Nils Smith.

“I am delighted to welcome Chrispa and that we can jointly focus on our long-term growth strategy. We are experiencing that the market for industrial IoT solutions is growing rapidly and that manufacturers are becoming more aware of the existing security challenges and the extent of damage when products are compromised. With Chrispa’s entry into the company, I look forward to being able to put even more focus on the development and sales of our entire product portfolio for both the payment and IoT markets,” says Cryptera’s CEO Brian Schleisner.

“I am pleased that we have had the opportunity to invest and contribute to the further development of Cryptera. We see Cryptera as a really exciting company that is on the door step of being able to unleash a really big potential in the sales of security solutions to the industrial market. At the same time, we see an exciting potential in the company’s existing products for self-service and contactless payment environments. The company fits well into our other investment portfolio, and I am convinced that we can contribute with our many years of knowledge within strategy, operation and ownership of production and electronics companies”, says Mads Pauli, CEO of Chrispa ApS.

Nils Smith, Chairman of the Board of Cryptera A/S, + 45 2478 3357 

Brian Schleisner, CEO Cryptera A/S, +45 4089 0414 

Mads Pauli, CEO Chrispa ApS, +45 6146 1626