Cryptera SCR 5210

SCR 5210 is a manual insertion reader for reliable reading of chip cards as well as magnetic stripe cards. The reader offers EMV level 1 approved chip card reading. All chip and magnetic stripe data sent from the SCR are encrypted to comply with PCI PTS SRED (Secure Reading and Exchange of Data).

The card reader is manufactured by Nidec Sankyo, a Japanese company renowned for high quality card readers. The software in the reader has been adapted with features that securely link the SCR with Cryptera ETC and EPPs. The SCR is provisioned by Cryptera to enable this security.

In the installation process, the SCR will be authorized for operation and perform a key exchange with the ETC/EPP to establish the secure link, used for EMV offline PIN verification. The SCR has removal detection switches that detect removal of the device. Removal will disable operation until a new authorization has been performed.

To simplify integration, the SCR 5210 can be connected directly to the EPP 1215 and EPP 2200. These EPPs can perform all steps in the installation directly.

The ETC 6260 will also work with the SCR, but it requires separate communication ports on the payment controller.